How Covid-19 is creating a new wave of online shopping?

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     Covid-19 has changed life as we know it. It is a global pandemic that has struck everyone. We are almost coming to a year of a new norm of masks & hand sanitizers everywhere we go. What does this mean for businesses? Many retail customers have turned to online shopping more than ever. Shopping in person has become a waiting game considering that many retail stores can only have a limited amount of people. This requires many businesses to find creative ways to adapt for survival. Those who fail to adapt will crumble. 

Covid-19 on businesses

How important is social media? 

      Social media platforms are essential for businesses to grow. It is a way for potential customers to engage with the people behind the business. The younger generations love interacting with the people behind the companies. There are many popular social media platforms like: Instagram (Posts, Stories, Reels, and Guides), Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Google. When starting your business it is best to know: Where your target demographic will be? What is the best strategy to reach them? All of the social media platforms mentioned above do have the options of reaching potential customers organically or with paid Ads. 

      There are many more parts to social media. As a business owner it is best to do as much research as possible to make your brand be known across the board. During these tough times many existing and newly started businesses are prospering with the right kind of social media posts and content. Many businesses are gaining popularity via Tiktok and Instagram's Reels. As these businesses are being recognized they're selling out in their products. So, what can you do to find your ideal demographic?

Social Media B2B B2C Business

Here are some tips for different social media posts. 

      Instagram has so many aspects to it's social media posting at this time. Instagram has regular feed posts, stories, reels, guides and more. When Instagram adds new features to the platform they push that feature onto the feeds. It is best to use that to the advantage of your business. 

  • Facebook: Facebook and Instagram can easily be linked to share content. Both platforms have different demographics. 

  • Instagram: Add location and hashtags on everything! 

  1. Posts: It is best to always add location & use hashtags related to your demographic. 

  2. Stories: They tend to be a little more fun. You can get very creative. You have everything you need to make scrapbook style posts, direct link customers somewhere else, and many more. For Instagram you can hide the hashtags & location behind text or blend into the background. 

  3. Live: Is like a sneaky video that can only be viewed while it is being filmed. It is great to make the viewer feel exclusive. 

  4. IGTV: It is a video that can be viewed later on.

  5. Guides: The best way to describe Insta Guides is to consider it like a mini blog. Instagram is king when it comes to keeping or directing users on the app as much as possible. 

  6. Reels: This is one of the newest features on the app and the best to get noticed a little more organically. As mentioned above, Instagram always pushes their newest feature to users. This means you should create as much content on this until they release a new feature. Remember, always add location and hashtags! You can also double dip with your content. (Like a Tiktok video on Reels or vice versa).  

  • Tiktok: This is one of the best places to grow a brand. The best way is to partake in the trends, challenges and dances. You can use a trendy song and lower the volume. You get clicks from the trend. Remember hashtags are your bff! 

  • Pinterest: An image sharing platform where you can create boards from existing pictures & adding your image in. Make sure you're creating boards that match your target vision for your brand. 

  • Google: Yes, google! Having as many backlinks to your page is important. The more backlinks your business has, the better. It is best to make sure if you have a Google business account to properly fill it out. Also, stay as active as possible since Google can be most people's preferred search engine.

Where can a B2C find a B2B business?

      There are many ways to find a wholesale company. You can find your next wholesaler in person in DTLA fashion district, trade shows, FashionGo, LAShowroom and more. Us, Peach Love Ca, have a Shopify, FashionGo, go to tradeshows, and try to stay active on social media platforms. If you'd like to keep in touch our links are down below!


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